If you feel like doing something way more than your average horse trek, then come with us on a personalised trip through Patagonia. All you need to do is decide what you would like to do.

The riding, hunting, sleeping out life is there for the taking. Hunting with bolas – fine; rodeo – fine; riding the fences - fine, .44 hunting –fine; hunting wild boar with just a knife – if you want. All in the finest fishing area, with Butch and Sundance's haunts all around.

Whatever your stage of planning, if you have only a vague idea of what you want to do or of you have a full itinery, email us on treks@throughpatagonia.co.uk with your requirements, ideas and dreams and we will make it happen.






We had hoped by now to have a farm of our own from which to start trelks but there have been some hicups in securing this land as Jules explains:


"We start a new year distinctly farm-less. A negative ranch situation. Estancia empty. Despite getting the film out, the year can only be deemed a bit of a failure due to our inability to secure 10,000 acres of Patagonia for you all to enjoy. Your loss aswell as ours. Basically the deal I was working on was getting so stupendously near completion that the Patagonian god of screw-ups had to step in and exert his influence. Just as it seemed that I would have it all within my evil grasp for a very merry Christmas and Ollie was out here having a look, it all went to pot.

What happened in short is that one of the brothers who semi-own the farm got into a bar brawl and ended up needing brain surgery. While waiting for this in hospital an unscrupulous and dastardly lawyer who has been trying to steal the farm from under me went to see him to hurry up a debt. He took an intermediary to buy this part for him (as the family don´t want to sell to him) and made the poor befuddled fool sign over his share infront of a notary while IN HIS HOSPITAL BED! (the brother´s bed, not the notary´s. the Notary was of good health as far as I know)

I could go on. I will. All is not lost as I have the ear of the brother who actually lives on the farm and is prone to scaring other potential buyers off with a large knife and dogs. The kind of country type who when told about his sibling´s foolishness under the influence of massive quantities of morphine, he just said " it does´nt count for shit cos I don´t care" Unfortunately he also has a debt with a lawyer for killing someone awhile back. With a spade. Apparently the guy came at him with a knife, and as you all know you should´nt take a knife to a spade fight. That's the Patagonian way!"