Jules's bargaining for a farm in Rio Pico is taking a while but there are still cracking adventures to be had... read more...


"They're terrible posers, but their banter and bull-headed naivety make for fairly amusing television..."

AM. Sunday Telegraph. 14th Oct.

It is still on - constantly.

Next confirmed sightings are vague ...


Or maybe just download it... soon.


We hate to admit to reading our own press - but the reviews have been hilarious. Check here for the latest.

We are now putting together some ideas for a new project following our idea to run a ranch in Patagonia.... see Farm....

+ there is 90 hours of footage that wasn't used. There will certainly be a directors cut.

We have now given a fair few lectures - including a "stella performance" at Canning House, a cracker of show for the RGS and a talk that "the girls didn't stop talking about..." at St Mary's Wantage.


No more have been arranged - What with Jules being back in Patagonia and all that.

However he will return -

so if you would like to have us talk at your school, event etc. - do get in touch.


This is half written! It will be done soon. Why we haven't written it sooner - who knows - but it will not be out in time for christmas that's for sure.


If anyone would like to be informed about developments on the documentary front, lectures, books etc just send us a mail to: subscribe@throughpatagonia.co.uk and we'll try to keep you posted.